Northern Cross

Student radical activist, George Ashton, never dreamed he’d someday be a corporate pilot with a beautiful wife and solid middleclass existence, but then he never dreamed he’d someday be involved in a plot to abduct a Federal Judge either. Trying to raise money for a radical organization, a young college student gets involved in a highway robbery that goes terribly wrong. Twenty-five years of hiding from authorities and rebuilding his life miraculously leads George to Julia, the love of his life, and an exciting job flying a twin-engine King Air for a large mid-western electronics company. But it was too good to be true.

The shadowy Brady Keyes, George’s past mentor and partner-in-crime, resurfaces and bursts George’s and Julia’s bubble. Brady coerces George into kidnapping a respected Federal judge by threatening Julia. Now George must risk everything to save Julia and try to regain their life by rescuing the judge he helped take hostage. Northern Cross is an action/adventure novel words that features exciting flying sequences, the breathtaking wilderness scenery of Michigan and Canada, but most of all, the heroic struggle of a man and a women trying to overcome deception, danger and overwhelming odds to hold on to their life and their love. Check out the book trailer at: