About Me

I was born in a log cabin on the edge of the great forest. My childhood was spent helping to maintain the subsistence life style of our humble, but loving, pioneer family. At the end of long days clearing fields and tending livestock, I taught myself to read and write by lamp light. 

Eventually I was betrothed to my lovely ... and, as it turned out, long-suffering ... Cheryl. With our little Jennifer in the crib, I went off to toil under the corporate lash to provide gruel for the family.

After spending what seemed like several lifetimes in cubeville ... I was mercifully set out to pasture (read terminated) and finally allowed to roam into areas to which I was much more suited and comfortable ... like writing and playing music. 

And when I’m not tappity-tappity on the keyboard, I’m playing guitar or performing under the moniker Aerial M... which means I either have too many interests OR a complete lack of focus ... I don’t know, what was I talking about? 

ANYWAY, I've got a couple of books and some other stuff for you to check out ... hopefully, you'll be able to find 'em on this site.

If you’d like to know more, please send me a note ... I’ll try hard to respond.

Oh yead, I also started a blog ... why, I’m not sure ... maybe you’ll understand if you read the posts. Anyway, here it is:


Email me: author@northerncrossonline.com